Booze by Design - Miller High Life


There comes a time when it's summer, and it's hot out, and a good ol' cheap American beer is exactly what you want. Some can't seem to taste the difference between them, but for some reason I've had a soft spot for Miller High Life. Maybe it's because I like their tagline "The Champagne of Beers". Or maybe because you still seem semi-classy drinking one out of a bottle. Whatever it is I was excited to find out they were having some American artists design their cans. 


While it's still sort of a big marketing scheme, I appreciate them hiring awesome designers to refresh their can designs for a few different series. The ones at the store I got recently are featuring graphic artist Brandon Rike. Previous to this I was not familiar with his work. He does a lot of graphics for musicians as well as logo and poster designs. I like the range of musicians he has done work for, from Brittany Spears to Pearl Jam. It shows his talent through multiple genres. While I am not a fan of this band, I enjoy this clever graphic. Brandon also teaches a class on lettering at Skillshare. And I was unaware of this, but it looks like Miller High Life has done artist series in the past. Here is another by him from last year. 

Booze by Design Champagne of Beer
Booze by Design Champagne of Beers

And it is true, everything tastes better out of a glass. Crisp, clean and simple. Cheers to summer, cheap beer and good design.