Beautiful Products - All Things Coffee

Ceramic French Press

I love this alternative to a classic glass french press. Made by Yield

french press

Manual Coffeemaker Nº1

The manual coffeemaker is unique. This limited edtion version with marble and and all glass feels sophisticated and different from a lot of products out there. 

manual coffee maker

Paper Porcelain Espresso Cups 

Made by Danish design studio Hay, these thin espresso cups are made with a special material that allows little specs to show, giving them a recycled paper look.  

Paper Porcelain Espresso

The Clerk Pour Over

I've seen this pour over floating around the internet for a while, makes sense as it sure is beautiful. They have a few design options. The type of material of the base and layout of the rod holding the pour over. There is a knob to move the position of the pour over so it can be lower for a single cup or higher to fit a pitcher underneath.

Clerk Pour Over

Hasami Porcelain Sugar and Creamer Set

There are a lot of beautiful and unique creamers and sugar bowls out there, but this one that stacks stands out. I have always been on to take cream and sugar in my coffee, so why not have the vessels stack as they obviously go together. Theses are designed in Los Angeles and Made in Japan. 

Hasami Suger and Creamer

Sleepy Eye Pour Over and Eye Mug

Handmade in Portland, OR by Martina Thornhill. I love the playfulness and wit of this pour over and mug. 

Sleepy Eye Pour Over