Booze by Design - Ninkasi Tricerahops

ninkasi tricerahops

Ninkasi Brewing was one of my favorite breweries right as I turned 21. I soon moved away to Germany and once I came back to the Pacific Northwest there was a plethora of new breweries to check out and I sort of ignored Ninkasi for a while. I am a diehard IPA fan. Every once in a while I try to branch out, and I do enjoy many other styles of beer, but by far IPAs are my favorite. A few weeks back I grabbed a 22oz. of Ninkasi, and reminded myself of how damn good their IPAs are. 

booze by design - ninkasi

The Tricerahops is a tasty Double IPA at 8% alcohol. It gives you all those delicious flavors of an IPA but doesn't over do it. The hops are there but mellow, and there is almost a matter aftertaste. 

booze by design - tricerahops

Ninkasi has always had a very dynamic and recognizable brand. Their bright turquoise sets them apart from a lot of other bottles on the shelf. The studio in charge of all of their graphics is Figoli Quinn & Associates. They are based out of Eugene, OR where the brewery is located. Their labels draw in the eye in all appropriate places and have a certain aesthetic without over doing it.