Booze by Design - Independence Brewing Power & Light Pale Ale

Independence Brewing Power & Light

This is a crisp pale ale that has the perfect taste for when you are looking for a light ale. It almost drinks like a lager probably because they include pilsen malt in the brew. It is light and refreshing, adequately hopped with NW Cascade hops has a nice light golden color - over all a solid beer. From Austin's Independence Brewing who are slowly updating the look of all of their cans.  

Booze by Design Power & Light

I love the retro inspired label. The art deco style pays homage to the name Power & Light as the type on the can mimics the type of Austin's old power plant signage. While I admire simplicity in design, I like that this label holds pieces of information throughout the entire can. It feels playful yet refined. 

The designer of these cans is Jose Canales, a talented designer and illustrator based here in Austin, TX.  It's no wonder that I found myself attracted to this can, as he is the same designer who designed the La Posta wine labels which I wrote about before.

Booze by Design Power & Light