Booze by Design - Mikkeller Keeper


I have heard a decent amount about the brewery Mikkeller, started in Denmark. I've been wanting to try the beer for a while and living in the fabulous city of Portland, OR, it wasn't hard to get my hands on a bottle or can. The price point tended to turn me away. Most of their bottles are fairly unique and therefore more expensive. But the last trip I made to the wonderful beer market, Belmont Station, I found a couple cans for a price I was happy with. An IPA and an American Pilsner they call Keeper.

Besides a couple NYTimes articles (A Fight is Brewing and Milton Glaser Critiques Modern Beer Art) and my general interest in microbreweries esp, those overseas, the main the thing that struck me about Mikkeller is the fabulous artwork on all their beers. 


Keith Shore holds the title as art director for Mikkeller. He has designed labels and a handful of other graphics for the brewery. While the brewery is based in Denmark, Keith works from his home in Philadelphia, at least according to his website that he admits to rarely updating since he took on the position. 

Interestingly with the Philadelphia connection, a few of the Mikkeller beers found in the U.S., and in cans, are actually brewed and canned in Pennsylvania by Sly Fox. I found this out by looking at the small print on the can. At first I was bummed out, but than thought, that's just business I suppose. It seems the creation and recipe is still from Mikkeller but it's brewed and canned by Sly Fox to cut down on shipping costs, if that's so, fine by me.  


The beer itself is actually quite tasty. A little more of a Pale Ale taste profile in my opinion over a super crisp Pilsner, but I greatly enjoyed it all the same. The head and carbonation were perfect and although I bought just one can, I wish I had gotten a few more. I would highly recommend this beer based on it's can graphics, and the taste and enjoyment of the beverage. 


Mikkeller has a handful of taprooms in Europe and one that just opened in San Francisco, which I look forward to visiting on my next trip there in October.