Beautiful Products - For the Kitchen

I've been noticing a lot of gorgeous products out there for your kitchen. Many of these are Made in the USA and a couple I think are quite clever. 

1.  Half Linen Dish Towel from the online shop Flotsam + Fork. This gorgeous dish towel is made in Austria and reminds me of the beautiful textiles my mom had growing up from Germany. 

2. Ceramic Pie Plate from Kaufman Mercantile. Handmade with clay from the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. The earthy look is great and I like the ruffles on the outside that helps form a nice pie outline. 

3. B & A Custom Rolling Pin from Beam & Anchor, made by Turnco Wood Goods

4. Egg Separator sold by Food 52. Made in the USA by Circles of Stone. This is probably one of my favorite finds for a kitchen tool. Sometimes separating eggs can go tragic, so why not have a beautiful ceramic piece to do the job. 

5. Square Ceramic Measuring Spoons sold by Old Faithful Shop. I love that these are square instead of circle, and the half dip glaze is a nice touch as well. 

6. Enamel Draining Ladle another great product from Austria. Sold by Joinery NYC. I would love this compared to the plastic one I currently have. 

7. Kobenstyle Navy Butter Warmer sold by Schoolhouse Electric. Cute tiny enamel pot with a wood handle. Perfect for melting butter or making a very small portion of pasta. 

8. Iris Hantverk Cake Tester sold online by Quitokeeto. Another one of my favorite products. I've never seen a fancy cake tester like this. Usually I just use toothpicks, but would get great joy using this product. 

9. White Marble Trivet sold by Need Supply Co. and made by the great Brooklyn based company Fort Standard. Marble seems to be totally in. But I do love these hexagon shaped marble trivets. Would look great against a wood table or countertop. 

10. Yves Salt Celler sold by Leif Shop. Made in the USA by Workaday Handmade. This blue is such a fantastic color and I will say this would look perfect agains some natural wood and light marble.