Booze by Design - La Boutanche Rouge


I first found the La Boutanche label at a perfect little wine shop in Houston called The Heights Grocer. The wine they had their was a Trollinger and was a wine my husband and myself were familiar with when we lived in Germany a number of years ago. I was interested in this wine because of the playful label and the varietal being one that isn’t commonly found in the USA.

Back in Portland at a local grocery store, I found their Rouge bottle and had to give it a try as well. It is a red blend of grenache and syrah from the Northern Rhône valley in France made by Martin Texier.

There is some bell pepper and sweet ripe fruit on the nose. On the tongue it is mellow and medium bodied. Soft tannins with an earthy flavor profile and blackberry jam. Perfectly well rounded. As they say, it’s a Glou-glou wine. Perfectly drinkable and sharable as it’s in a 1 liter bottle.

La Boutanche is a label by wine importers Selection Massale. They import natural wine from around the world and were looking for affordable and approachable natural wine. They couldn’t find what they were looking for so they started the La Boutanche label. The art is fun and iconic. Making simple, delicious wines; I think this is a win…did I mention it’s a liter? Comment below with your favorite easy drinking wine.