Booze by Design - Fausse Piste 2013 Syrah


I've always noticed Fausse Piste's bottles in markets and wine shops here in Portland. The simple front with an all caps condensed font simply naming the winery and an elegant illustration has always drawn me in. Part of Fausse Piste's ethos is to make wine that pairs well with food and this illustration portrays that perfectly. All the important information such as the varietal, vintage, growing region, etc. lives on the back of the bottle. Some might say at least the varietal should be label on the front (newer vintages of their Syrah do just this), but I like that it leaves it as a mystery and invites the consumer to pick up the bottle and rotate it to learn more about the wine. 


On the Eyes - quick legs, scarlet red. 

On the Nose - dark chocolate, black forest cake, ripe cherry, minerals, tart fruit, a bit of anise. 

On the Tongue - cherry, acid, somewhat tannic, medium bodied, sweettarts. Subtle tannins that tames the acidity, giving it a pleasant mouth feel. 

Other Notes - Goes well with food because of the acidity. Pairs with light and dark cheeses, when paired with gruyere it makes the cheese stand out, when paired with goat cheese the cheese compliments the wine. If you let it sit open, or even decant the wine, for around a half hour the tannins and acidity balance out and blend well together.