Booze by Design - Fort George The Optimist IPA

Fort George The Optimist

Fort George has been one of my favorite breweries since they opened. It is a great spot to visit while along the Northern Oregon coast in the quaint town of Astoria, OR. They make fabulous beer with a solid line of beers they brew year round, along with a number of seasonal brews. The Optimist is a wonderful IPA that is much mellow to their big, bold and strong Vortex IPA. 

Fort George The Optimist

Plazm did their identity. Along with some of the can designs. Fort George does a handful of collaborations including making beers with other breweries and business in Portland, but also with the designs on some of their cans. 

The Optimist IPA is simple. Their logo, and the name of the beer is vertical on the can, which is consistent with the design of all of their cans. The other other graphic, a super bold up arrow. I also like how they don't use color, but instead the silver of the can.


Smooth golden IPA. Lighter in color and fresh tasting. Crisp and not overpowering on the hops. Great floral aromas and medium bodied. A love a big hop heavy IPA but sometimes I want something more mellow and this hits the spot.