Booze by Design - Kings Ridge Pinot Gris

King Ridge Pinot Gris

Union Wine is a great company based in the surrounding Portland, OR area with vineyards in the Willamette Valley. They make approachable wines that are delicious and affordable. Their approach is that wine doesn't have to be too fancy, that it is fairly simple and should just be enjoyed. Their tagline is Wine for Everyone.  

Their Kings Ridge Pinot Gris is quite good. The taste is ripe and delicious. There are notes of sweetness but it is not overpowering and is quite drinkable for those who favor dry whites. Fresh summer flavors of nectarines, slight tannins. All around, a very solid Pinot Gris. 

King Ridge Pinot Gris
Kings Ridge Pinot Gris

The studio of Michael Etter did the branding for Union Wine Co as well as the label for the Kings Ridge wines. The label is simple and I like the single pop of color in the graphic that looks like two Ks and makes a nice area for the vintage to be placed. The description on the back is nice and I like that they add a few flavor notes, again approachable. I love this bottle inside and out!

Union Wine Co