Booze by Design - pFriem Belgian Style Blonde Ale

Pfriem Belgian Style Blonde

pFriem is a newer brewery in the Pacific Northwest, but by far a fantastic one. They are based in Hood River, OR and just started bottling this spring. Since I've seen their bottles in stores I have been especially attracted to their Select brews with gold labels, corked and hooded. I picked up a bottle of their Belgian Style Blonde Ale and it is delicious.  

This Belgian style blonde isn’t over powering. There is a nice balance of flavor and almost just tastes like a really special Pale Ale. Mellow for some Belgian beers which is why I think this one is so tasty. What they say on the label is perfect “just enough bitterness to make you yearn for the first sip again” That’s how this beer made me feel. It is also at a nice 7.5% alcohol but doesn’t taste super big and malty like some higher alcohol beers. It still tastes light and refreshing, which is great for a higher alcohol summer brew. There is a nice scent of cloves and yeast on the nose and this just might be my new favorite beer. 

Pfriem Blonde Ale

The label is designed by Sally Morrow Creative. Based in Portland they have designed logos and labels for some wineries in the past and did a fantastic job with their identity package for pFriem. It feels rustic and authentic, while still being modern and simple. 

Pfriem Blonde

In my mind the label gives a sense of elegant Pacific Northwest. The details like a fish swimming through a river are there but not super obvious and the bear taking a look at the glass full of beer is playful and charming. 


Pfriem - Cheers